Welcome to Eighth China Cloud Computing Summit

CCS (China Cloud Computing Summit)—— Enterprise Private Cloud.


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The CCS (China Cloud Computing Summit)—— is one of the largest application-oriented cloud events in China, co-located with CENCE (China Enterprise Networking & Communications Conference & Expo, China's largest and most influential event in the enterprise market, with over 150 supporting media.)


Position:China's most high-profiled and influential enterprise cloud, IT, networking & communications event.It is held twice a year in Beijing and Shanghai, attracting thousands of professionals from all parts in China's communications food chain, including carriers, verticals, enterprises users, channels, vendors, SPs, etc.

Environment: China's strong economy continuously creates tremendous market potential; The emerging all-IP trend further pushes the convergence of ICT, generating demands,also strengthened by new applications like cloud, IOT, mobile internet, social network, etc; The reconstructuring of carriers gradually lift the barriers toward IP communications.

Tenet: For end-users: The best platform to find suitable products & solutions.
For vendors & manufacturers: Thebest place to showcase products &solutions; to find potential clients, channels and partners; For channels: The best event to find the right products & solutions.

Scope of CCS

Data Center、 Data Communications、Virtualization、Storage、Chip、Server、Security、Platform & Software、Cloud Services、Others.

Audience Demographic

Business managers, IT professionals and Channel managers should all be present at the 2012 Cloud Computing World Forum. Job titles include:

  • - CIO/CTOs/CxOs
  • - Directors
  • - Heads of Sales
  • - Product Managers
  • - Business Analysts
  • - Head of Training
  • - Head of Telecoms
  • - Heads of Business Development
  • - Telecommunication Managers
  • - Heads of Call and Contact Managers
  • - Business Development Managers
  • - Database/Data Center Manager
  • - System and Network Integrators
  • - Compliance and Policy Managers
  • - Strategy Directors
  • - Communication Directors
  • - VPs of Technology
  • - Storage Managers
  • - Hosting Managers
  • - Data Center Managers
  • - Network Administrators


  • Public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, which suits us? What about security? How far is cloud from enterprise users?
  • Differences between enterprise cloud and carrier-hosted cloud. Most frequently encountered problems when deploying cloud.
  • What does the next-gen data center mean for enterprises? The must-knows about a green data center and virtualization.
  • How virtualization helps enterprise users? What's its relation with cloud? The deployment guides.
  • When the cost of storage continuously drop, do we still need cloud storage? How to ensure data security?


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